Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss by Inspired Health & Wellness in Lake Charles, LA

Medical Weight Loss

in Lake Charles

Medical Weight Loss is a comprehensive and structured method for losing weight and improving health, tailored to individual needs and medical history. This service includes an array of components such as a BioImpedance scan to measure body composition and Basal Metabolic Rate, a detailed medical history and physical examination to identify specific obstacles to weight loss, and a customized treatment plan which may involve medication. With follow-up visits typically scheduled every three months and access to the BioImpedance scale during office hours at no extra charge, Medical Weight Loss aims to support patients through their weight loss journey and into maintenance to ensure long-lasting results.

Inspired Health and Wellness in Lake Charles, LA, offers a Medical Weight Loss service that is personalized and patient-centered. Their program takes into consideration each patient’s unique health profile and challenges. They help individuals achieve and maintain their ideal weight. Start your journey to a healthier life by booking an appointment now.

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss:


Individuals who struggle with losing weight despite traditional methods may benefit from a personalized, medically supervised approach.

Results vary by individual, but many see improvements within the first few months of following their personalized treatment plan.

With adherence to the maintenance program and healthy lifestyle changes, results can be long-lasting.

Downtime is typically minimal, and a doctor will inform you of any side effects during consultation for your specific treatment plan.

Before the treatment, complete any required medical evaluations to customize your plan. Afterward, stick to the given dietary and exercise guidelines, take prescribed medications, and attend follow-up appointments to sustain your weight loss achievements.

During Medical Weight Loss treatment, you’ll undergo an initial assessment to tailor your plan, followed by personalized dietary and exercise guidance and possibly medication. Regular follow-ups will track your progress and adjust your strategy for effective weight loss and maintenance.


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