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Anteage Skincare

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Anteage Skincare is at the forefront of revolutionary skin rejuvenation, offering an alternative to combat aging signs through stem cell and growth factor technology. This service uses human bone marrow cells to produce cytokines, which are pivotal in cellular communication and regeneration. By focusing on the body’s natural healing capabilities, Anteage Skincare provides a non-invasive solution to enhance the appearance of wrinkles, enhance skin health, and restore a youthful complexion. This skincare regime is suitable for all skin types and targets various areas, including face, neck, and décolletage. Regular use leads to visible skin texture and tone improvements within a few weeks. With adherence to the recommended skincare protocol, the benefits can last longer, ensuring a lasting impact on the skin’s appearance and health.

Experience the benefits of Anteage Skincare at Inspired Health and Wellness in LA. Diminish fine lines, improve skin elasticity, and achieve a radiant glow. Book your appointment today for personalized care and a more youthful appearance.

Benefits of Microneedling:


Individuals who want to enhance their skin’s health, diminish signs of aging, and rejuvenate their appearance are ideal candidates.

Initial results can appear within a few weeks, with more significant improvements over time with regular use.

The longevity of the results varies but can last longer with continuous application and adherence to the recommended skincare routine.

There is no downtime, and minimal side effects make it a safe option for most clients.

Before Anteage Skincare treatment, cleanse your skin and avoid harsh products or treatments. Afterward, shield your skin from the sun and follow a gentle, recommended skincare routine to maximize and extend the benefits.

During Anteage Skincare treatment, expect a soothing, non-invasive application with minimal discomfort. There’s no downtime, allowing for an immediate return to daily activities.


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